Ninja Monkeys

To all my readers,

This post is late, but we have had quite a time at the Collins house this week.

Thanks for your understanding!

This story was based on a facebook conversation that got a bit out of hand.  Charles Brown posted this as a story idea:  A man’s battle with his personal ninja monkey’s and how he found himself through the ordeal.

Mark wasn’t sure how he was going to get out this alive. After Princess Leta alerted the castle guards that the sacred pineapple had been stolen out of the vault, Mark had ran headlong into a trap. The thieves knew what they were after, how to get it, and out.  Mark just didn’t know that he was part of the prize.

Mark felt groggy and faintly aware that he was not alone. As his eyes began to adjust to the dank, dark room he noticed a hooded person leaning against the prison door. Summing all his strength he lunged toward the door, but came up short.

“Did you really think that I would stand here without you tied up?” The voice was soft and feminine.

“Who are you?” Mark croaked through parched lips.

“Oh, Mark, dearest, I’m hurt that you don’t recognize my voice,” Princess Atel said throwing back her hood.

“You! Why would you steal from you sister?”

“My sister, my sister had everything!” Atel sauntered up to Mark, “She had the pineapple and she had you, now you’re both mine.”

Mark did not like the look of the sneer on her pretty face, but knew she had him at a  disadvantage.

“If you’re good I might let you out of this cage, but if your bad you’ll rot here.  Are we clear?”

“Yes, highness. I understand.”

Atel spun the miniature pineapple on the the chain around her neck. “Do you, Mark?  For your sake I hope so.”  Atel swished out of the cell latching the door behind her.

Mark strained against his bonds.  There was no way out, unless…unless Herbert had made it through the castle defenses.

Herbert was one of Princess Leta’s crack team of ninja assassins.  Each guard was paired with an assassin family.  Herbert and Mark had not been separated since the psychic bonding ceremony during the solstice of Mark’s seventeenth year.   Mark had already begun to feel the effects of Herbert’s absence; it was like a dull throb at the base of his skull.  Just when Mark believed that the pain could not get any worse, it began to abate. Herbert was near.

Mark began to bang his wrist band on the window bars, tap, tap, double tap, tap.  On his fifth time through Mark almost felt normal.  That is when he saw Herbert’s head come up even with the window.  The bars were to closely spaced to allow Herbert to get through so he motioned to the roof and continued on past.

After what seemed like ages, the ninja stood in front of the prison door.  With a bit of black powder and a spark Mark was free.  Now they had to retrieve the pineapple.

Mark and Herbert made their way up from the dungeon moving from shadow to shadow.  Once on the royal level, they had to wait until the changing of the guard to make their move toward Princess Atel’s chambers.

When the guards were in the process of moving to and from their posts Mark and Herbert entered Atel’s room.  She slept soundly, not waking at all, secure in the knowledge that she had everything she wanted.

Mark hid himself in the shadow next to the balcony window, and Herbert softly crept over to the bed on padded feet.  With the care that only a ninja could possess Herbert lifted the pineapple and chain off of Princess Atel’s head.  He then crept over to Mark at the window.

Princess Atel screamed, “Ninja Monkey!”

Mark and Herbert jumped out the window plummeting to the water below.

“Don’t let them get away! Jump!” Princess Atel yelled.

Three guards jumped in after Mark and Herbert and two remained on the balcony with crossbows.  Mark and Herbert swam for their lives.  Arrows were piercing the water all around them and the other guards were gaining on them.

As the pair reached the shore they were on home soil. Safe from pursuit and heroes of the realm.

Over the water they heard Princess Atel yell, “I get you my sweet and your little monkey too!


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