This week’s Story Lotto Thursday Winner is Bill Green! (Epic Games, Artist, Gears of War)

This is Bill’s idea…A bad guy western cowboy (an outlaw) is going around the country robbing banks and trains. Then gets on a train to rob it and sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen..moments later he is somehow thrown from the train. The train stops and she gets out and helps him since he didn’t rob her and she was attracted to him. Over time they fall in love and have a wonderful life. Then one day he is on the train with her and his family..has given up the outlaw life for love. He has a memory of when he first met her. THEN all of a sudden he wakes up in a small town hospital..he had been in a coma for a few days..from the fall from the train. He never married the woman and had a life with was all a dream. So he has to escape the hospital and spends a while looking for her..then when he finds her he has to make her fall.

(note from Lisa…that would be a novel, or at least a entire season of Dallas…LOL! ps: I used the underlined part)

Here is the story Bill inspired.


Jack Slade paused at the oak on the edge of town. The wanted poster was a poor rendition of a young Jack when he had just got into the game of robing banks. It wasn’t a bad picture, it was just woefully inaccurate. It was amazing how a few years of crime could age a man. The sweet boy on the poster would never see the light of day again.

Walking into Wayne’s General Mercantile, Jack side stepped in the doorway to the left. It was always a bad idea to stay back lit like a man shaped target. As his eyes adjusted to the light Jack’s breath caught in his throat. Before him was a woman of such astounding beauty that Jack knew she would haunt his dreams ever after.

Making his move Jack moved closer to his prey and introduced himself.

“Hello, Miss.” He held out his hand, “My name is Jack S…Smith I am new in town and wondered where I could get a hot meal?”

“Mister, Smith, was it?”

Jack nodded.

She leaned toward him and a sweet lilac scent clouded his already fading sensibility. “Well the best meal and room in town can be had at the Blue Moon.” She brushed past him and looked back suggestively over her shoulder and turned to go out the door.

Jack was dumb struck, just like the boy on the poster was with his first haul. She had captured his soul and he didn’t even know her name.

The Blue Moon was similar to many of the saloons that Jack had patronized, but it had the best food and gambling that he had encountered west of the Colorado Territory. Jack took a room and paid for a fortnight in advance. At least if he lost his shirt at the tables he would still have a temporary home.

“Hello Jack.” Bella greeted Jack in her usual manner by fluffing her cancan petticoat, settling into the chair to his right. Jack had learned her real name. Bella, Jack’s angel, was Nancy Martin. And he was in debt up to his eyes over the pleasure of her company.

Jack could feel the noose on his neck just a sure as he could feel the weight of the revolver on his hip. Hopefully he would not have to lighten the gun’s load to get out of town alive.

Throwing his last coins into the pot Jack knew that Lady Luck had left him high and dry. He had a pair of deuces in the hole. All that was left was to ride this hand to the river and pray that God Almighty really had been listening to Momma all these years.

The dealer waited for the last call and flipped the river card…it was a two.

“Why Jack, you’ve won,” Bella purred as Jack showed his three of a kind.

Even as she said the words Jack knew he would need win again, and again. Bella, his angel, wrapped her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into deep kiss. As she kissed him Jack could feel the last of himself drain away.


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