Early New Years Resolutions

I decided that after NaNoWriMo that I would work on a couple of projects, and one of those is my writing schedule for 2011.

I was extremely unorganized in 2010, although I thought at the time that I tried. I had a spreadsheet with my submission listed with dates that I should have heard back from the publishers. But I really need to be able to access that information wherever I was, so I put it into my Google documents for the new year. But even better I discovered Duotrope and Submishmash! These sites help me organize and plan what I want to submit and then track everything for me! One of the other places that I discovered in 2010 was Poets & Writers. P&W may not allow me to track my submissions, but each of their contests and conference announcements has a link to add the deadlines and dates to my Google calendar!

Now as you can probably tell I do like Google and their free products. I am not a big fan of Google pages, but that is another post altogether. Google email (gmail), calendar, and documents allow you to keep all of your information accessible no matter what computer you are on or where you are; all you need is an Internet connection.

My New Year’s Suggestions for writers.

  1. Google Gmail, Calendar, and Documents
  2. Duotrope
  3. Poets & Writers

Once you have signed up for gmail, set up you calendar, and make a submission spreadsheet in Google documents. Head over to Duotrope and P&W and sign up for their newsletters with you gmail address. Add some submission deadlines or a conference or two to your Google calendar. See if these tools work for you.

Oh, and here is another resolution for this year: Developing presentations for the blog and on-line tools classes I have been working on. SO to get a fire lit under me I agreed to teach class to one of my local writer’s groups on how to use on-line and free product to start your own blog/website. I will post more about my classes as I get the product perfected. If you would like for me to present at your writers group or other type of organization, I am available. Just leave me a message either on here or at facebook.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Happy Holidays,



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