Who is your audience?

Each of us has an audience that we hope our writing will inspire or entertain.  Understanding the concept of audience is one of the more important things we learn as new writers.  But simply understanding the “who” of your audience is only the beginning for experienced writers. We want our message to grow in understanding, as we grow as writers.  Effective writing delivers a well crafted message, but must also reach the community that will take notice.

Communities have an on-going dialogue.  Members of a community speak the same language, share interests, and have a collective body of knowledge.

What would it feel like to be at a meeting where the only language spoken was Japanese or Icelandic?

What would it be like to have dinner with a group of people who only talk about fishing, nothing else just fishing?

How about attending a sporting event for curling?

You might feel uncomfortable because you are not a member of the communities that share these interests.  Finding community is one of the ways that God shows us new friends and avenues to bless his people.  If you are reading this, then I am going to stick my neck out there and say that you are either interested in writing or my Momma asked you to read this.

The idea of community might be new to you, but you already belong to several communities, as a member of your family, city, school, office or place of worship.  I think, as writers, it is important for us to join together in community to support and encourage one another.  Participating in dialogue with each other and as a whole, we grow in our understanding of audience and our message becomes clearer and more profound.  Together we see a larger whole than we do alone, and let’s face it; writers spend plenty of time alone. Together we use our collective knowledge to go beyond audience and meaning to begin to understand ourselves and the world around us.  This sense of community will take your writing into a new level of effectiveness; every aspect of your work will be enhanced.


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