Science Fiction People are the Best!

I just love science fiction people…Trekkies, Whovians, Star War’ophiles, Browncoats, all of them! Why? The remind me to look at the world with hope, hope toward the future, of what mankind will eventually become, hope that my everyday existence will one day pay off in spades.

Like yesterday, I was doing my regular commute to work. Its so much fun, not really, but there I was pulling up to a stop light and this man in a red mini van was making the huge waving gestures in my rear-view mirror. I though, “WHAT?!”  When I had finally come to a complete stop he pulled in on the left side and waited for the light to change. That is when I realized the man wasn’t in the throws of Road Rage, he was Dancing! LOL His lane got to move before mine, so I took one last look at the funny man dancing in the red minivan and that is when I saw it!

License plate read:  MAKITSO

BAHAHAHA! I love it! Put a big smile on my face, and I remembered I have a great life…one of wonder and hope!


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