My Love Affair With Disaster Movies

Confession time: I have a deep and abiding love affair with Disaster movies. It all started with the day when I saw The Poseidon Adventure (1972) on the Sunday Afternoon Theater Television Show when I was a kid. From then on it didn’t matter is the movie was filled with explosions, killer tomatoes, meteors falling from the sky! I loved them all. Let’s look at one of my favorites: Volcano (1997)

An earthquake hits the city of Los Angeles. Mike Roark (Tommy Lee Jones), head of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Volcano_ver2Geologist Dr. Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) team up and discover that a volcano is using the underground subway tunnels for lava tubes. Together they try various ingenious ways to keep the lava in check, but in the end the lava will not be denied surfacing. With the help of explosives they drop a building down in the way of the lava and funnel it out to the ocean. The city is saved at least for today…in the epilogue we see that the volcano now named Mount Wilshire has been added to the active geological sites.

Who knows maybe I’m a sucker for mankind pulling together, the regular Jack/Jane who rise above their circumstances, or the reoccurring theme of regeneration. In the end I think it’s all these things. I want to feel like I have the hero gene down deep in my soul. That when faced with death or disaster I will be the one who can pull myself together and rise to the top. Is this a fantastic notion?  I hope not.



6 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Disaster Movies

  1. Though often viewed as “corny” these movies illustrate that there are forces beyond our control in this world. In times like these, we have to pull together. Only thing they often leave out is the faith element. How would we ever get through without God?

  2. When it comes to Disaster Movies, I’m Old School. There THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, of course, which is the “Gone With the Wind” of Disaster Movies. And then there’s THE TOWERING INFERNO and METEOR.

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