Interview with Kimberly Richardson — Mabon/Pomegranate and The Decembrists

After found as an infant crawling among books in an abandoned library, Kimberly Richardson grew up to become an eccentric woman with a taste for jazz, drinking tea, reading books, speaking rusty French and Japanese, playing her violin and writing stories that cause people to make the strangest faces.

Her first book, Tales From a Goth Librarian, was published through Dark Oak Press and named a Finalist in both the USA Book News Awards for Fiction: Short Story for 2009 and the International Book Awards for Fiction: Short Story in 2010. Ms. Richardson is also the author of The Decembrists (Dark Oak Press) and Mabon/Pomegranate (Dark Oak Press); both were enlisted for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize.

Richardson is also the Editor of the award winning Steampunk anthology Dreams of Steam, the award winning sequel, Dreams of Steam II: Of Brass and Bolts, and Dreams of Steam III: Gadgets and Dreams of Steam IV: Gizmos, all published through Dark Oak Press. Other short stories and poetry by Ms. Richardson have been published through Sam’s Dot Publishing, Pro Se Press, Midnight Screaming, and FootHills Publishing.

Interview with Author Kimberly RichardsonIMG_0321
author of Mabon/Pomegranate and 
The Decembrists

I was wondering where you get your story ideas?

My ideas come from two places: my warped imagination and the experiences I have had in my life. I love asking the question “What If?” and my stories are the answers.

What is the usual process for your fiction writing? Are you a plotter or a pantser?

It really all depends on the story. Sometimes, I like to “prepare” my story by writing out basic character descriptions as well as a skeleton of the story; that way, I can keep up with what I am writing. However, I also like to jump right in a story and write away. One of my favorite examples of me jumping in is the story “Silk”, found in my first book, Tales From a Goth Librarian. I wrote that story in about two hours and had no idea I was going to write it. Years later, people still talk about that story.

mabon-and-pomegranateOnce you have an idea that sparks your imagination do you research your idea or do any world-building exercises, or do you just begin to write and see where the Muse takes you?

See answer #2!

What is your daily writing like?

I try to write every day (why I keep a journal near me!) although I sometimes do need a break in order to get my mind right. That’s why, before I jump into my writing, I play World of Warcraft for at least 30 minutes to an hour. After playing that game, my mind is ready to delve into my imagination.

Are you a full time writer? If so when did you make the decision and what factors led to the decision? If you are not a full time writer…Is your plan to one day being a full time writer?

I am not a full time writer, yet I would like to be one someday.

Can you tell us about your experience working with your current publisher? (Any other publishers?) (And/Or your self-publishing experiences?)decembristsxlg

I first met Allan Gilbreath at MidsouthCon several years ago. I had a used bookstore table next to the then Kerlak booth. After that weekend, I had submitted my manuscript (Tales From a Goth Librarian) to them and I knew I would not hear back. To my astonishment, Allan wrote back, telling me he was interested in my work. The rest is history. Thanks to Allan, I have been able to spread my black wings and see just what I am capable of writing.

What is your current release and (without spoilers) tell us about the new book or series.

Right now, my current releases are Mabon/Pomegranate and The Decembrists, both available at Dark Oak Press’ website as well as Amazon and B&N. I am currently working on a new novel titled Open A. This novel will probably be my darkest work yet: think Southern Gothic with a touch of the erotic and the psychotic with a violin taking center stage. That’s all I can say about that one, folks!

Can you tell us about some of your other writing and any appearances or signings that you have planned?

My upcoming conventions/ festivals are as follows: MonsterCon in Greenville, SC, Paracon in Pensacola, FL, Contraflow in New Orleans, Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA, and Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention in my home city.

Tales from the Goth LibraianAs an author what inspiration or advice would you give to a writer who is working to make the transition to Author?

All I can say is this: JUST WRITE. This is not the time to doubt yourself. Everyone has a story to tell – write, write, write!

Who is your favorite author, and can you recommend a book or series by that author?

My all time favorite author is Ian McEwan, author of such books as The Cement Garden, Atonement, Amsterdam, Enduring Love, Sweet Tooth, Black Dogs, and many others. He is one of the reasons why I am both a bibliophile and an author.

If you would like more information about Kimberly Richardson you can find her books on Amazon, at Dark Oak Press and updates about her writing on Twitter, Facebook,  and on her blog: The Nocturnal Aesthetic.

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