The Inner Journey

The inward journey is the real test.


You can portray to the world anything on the outside, but it is the inner or true self that cannot be completely hidden—selfishness, disdain, rudeness, lack of couth, hate; all these leak out in some form or another into the outward man.

And so it is the inward man that one must tame. It is the raw state of the inner man that needs to be accounted, and that very state of being must be challenged on the inward journey.

Without a challenge to our preconceived notions or paradigms, we become stagnate and faltering.

Challenge is a good and noble state in one’s self, but it can also be painful and uncomfortable.

The inward journey is a solitary pursuit. Even if you seek help from others at the outset, you can only do so much with the confines of help. Books can show you a starting place. People can suggest a course of action. But the journey can only be completed far from the eyes and ears of others.

It is in our aloneness that we discover our true self.

What will you discover at your center, when all other influences are abandoned?



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