Healthy Writer: Aches and Pains? Let’s Fix them!

Why is it so important to be strong if you are a writer?click to read

What do writers do most of the time? They sit. What is one of the worst things that you can do for your health? Any guesses?

That is right Ladies and Gentlemen…Sitting is killing you. But what is a writer to do?

Lift weights and do mobility exercises that offset what sitting does to the body. I have written and will write more about the mobility exercises that I do that help me so much as a writer. Since I sit in my comfy chair with my laptop in my lap, like most of y’all—bad, bad, Lisa. Here is a quick list of the mobility exercise and movements that I love.

  1. Thoracic Mobility – for that deep back ache, you know the one you get when you are hunched over for hours and hours on end.
  2. Double Handcuffs – this one is amazing for tight shoulders and rushes blood to the backbone.
  3. Goblet Squats – for when you think your hips might actually be stuck in the seated position.
  4. Farmer Walks –this one really lengthens the achy muscles of the arms, shoulder and back.

These movements can be done as a series or just when you are feeling tight. Try them out; I think you will find that they relieve the tension and stress your body is harboring.

Now I’ve said this before. “It takes dedication to your cause (fitness) and daily effort toward your goal (movement)…Flexibility takes just that P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E.  Time + Dedication = Results.” You can do this. You can be a Healthy Writer!


3 thoughts on “Healthy Writer: Aches and Pains? Let’s Fix them!

  1. I do sometimes spend hours every day (sometimes way past eight hours) at a computer, between my “regular” job and my writing/editing job. Good tips!

    1. Thanks, The main thing is do movements that work your body the opposite of how you sit all day. I am glad the tips will work for you!

      1. I make a point of getting up from my job desk at least once an hour, just to walk around and get my eyes away from the computer. And I have one of those stretchy band things in my desk drawer that I use a few times a week. I’ve been known to do jumping jacks in my office! “Opposite” is a great idea! I will work on that.

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