Super Powered Fiction Serial: Lightweight!

I am excited about a serialized superhero project that I have been working on with the team at Metahuman Press.


Lightweight: Dreams (#1)

Kevin Mathis wanted nothing more than a normal life. But his dreams bring about a change in his life, a change with lasting ramifications for him and everyone he knows. Now able to control gravity, Kevin must learn to control his new abilities… while a robotic threat rises to destroy him!

Lightweight: Dreams

Lightweight: Dreams

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Lightweight: Ronin (#2)

As Kevin becomes more comfortable with his powers as Lightweight, the threat against him grows greater. A new enemy is assigned to eliminate him, a powerful assassin named Ronin. At the same time, his life is contemplated by his foil at school, a man that also knows his secret identity!

Lightweight: Ronin

Lightweight: Ronin

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Lightweight: Flames (#3)

Hellfire menaces the city and only Lightweight can stop him! But when Lightweight learns that the fiery villain is a figure from his own everyday life, can he bring himself to do what it takes to stop the monster?

Lightweight: Flames

Lightweight: Flames

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Lightweight: Animals (#4)

In the fourth Lightweight story, Kevin meets the new foreign exchange student, but doesn’t exactly get what he expects! At the same time, it is the return of the Titan robot that Lightweight faced in chapter one, only this time there are six of the robots that almost killed him just three months ago! 

Plus more with the Gray Man, Andy makes a new friend and the debut of an all new hero!

Lightweight Animals 4














Lightweight: Animals

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Lightweight: Answers (#5)

Kevin Mathis finds his life in flux as he’s torn between his new love Constanze and best friend Millie in the fifth short story in the monthly Lightweight series.

His romantic problems get even more complicated as he learns more about the two secret societies that seek to manipulate his place in the world, even as he continues to use his metahuman abilities, this time to battle super-powered terrorists Hammer and Anvil.

Check out the latest adventure of America’s top prose serial: Lightweight!

















Lightweight: Answers

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