Tree of Life by Lisa M. Collins–New Announcement!



Guys and Gals I wanted you to get this success story. The Holdfast magazine, Speculative Fiction Anthology I will be appearing in was funded on IndieGOGO.

Right now it is at 102%!!! You still have time to get great prizes for donations.

On the video if you go to 00:45-00:50 you will see the illustration they made for MY story!!!

In Issue #4, Diversity: Seeing Yourself in Speculative Fiction includes:

  1. The Tree of Life by Lisa M. Collins. A huge fleet of spaceships make their way across the galaxy, populated by the matriarchal descendants of east Asia. Three generations of the same family discuss the future of their crew.
  2. War and Peace by Joyce Chng. Captain Suky Hartono meets the OoioO living ships and their envoy. Captain Hartono has the responsibility of preventing war on her shoulders.
  3. An interview with author Stephanie Saulter, about her life, her books and thoughts on women, genetic engineering, race, and disability politics.

This is an anthology that I am so proud to be a part of, if you want to help with the print version or donate for awesome prizes, check out the Indiegogo campaign by Holdfast magazine

“All profits made will go directly to the writers and illustrators whose hard work and creativity fill the pages of holdfast, split equally for each contribution.”







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