Resolutions, Decisions, and Goals…Oh my!

So each year I plan and scheme and make lists, tinker with my calendar, pin sayings up at my desk and try to better myself. When I look back over the year I see progress, but just not the amount of progress that I was hoping for. That makes me feel unacomplished, and nothing could be further from the truth. I did a lot in 2014 and already my writing schedule for 2015 is swiftly filling up and it is only the 2nd of January.

In *retaliation* to that unacomplished feeling, this year, using the S.M.A.R.T. goal technique, I am RESOLVING to put less things on my “To Do” list, and yet, accomplish more. Now how does that make any sense? Let me tell you.

I plan myself into a corner and overextend myself almost to the breaking point…at which time my truly introverted nature rears its head and I crash and burn. NOT this year. I am working at only planning goals that will move my career forward. Much like the way we editors have to “Kill the darlings.” When a sentence, paragraph, or chapter does not move the story forward…it MUST go.

{cue Eye of the Tiger theme song}

My “Business” Face

Starting with this frame of mind, I am picking only writing tasks that will either create cashflow, community contacts, or please my audience.

All the contests and submissions that didn’t work for me in the past, they are off the table. I am through with wasting my time, talent, and treasure. This year I am taking the reigns of this stagecoach and hauling booty for the closest boom town!

So what are you, truly, resolving to do in 2015?



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