Writer Rx: Sometimes You NEED Encouragement

There are days where I doubt myself to the point of distraction. Don’t even ask my family and friends because they would most likely roll there eyes and then say, “Oh that’s Lisa’s process. She gets a great idea, falls in love with it, then falls off the wagon with worry.” I don’t think I’m alone. And it is true I do fall hopelessly in love with my story ideas. I know how the story should go, and then I flake out right at the ending. 10385273_765857760161889_8986954518192111730_n

I discussed this phenomenon with my (wonderful, amazing, loyal) husband. I don’t want the story to end. Like never. Ever.

I do this kind of thing when I read series too! I admit to being a bit weird. Example: I read ALL but the last Dragonlance books involving Raistlin Majere…I read the Raistlin Chronicles: The Soulforge and Brothers in Arms, the Chronicles series: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, and Dragons of Spring Dawning, the Legends series: Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, and Test of the Twins…BUT could not bring myself, to this day, to read the last one…Dragons of Summer Flame.

Please don’t disown me. My husband had a hard enough time with this confession.

I have no logical reason to not pick that book up off the shelf and read it…none, yet it still stares at me from behind the dust bunnies…waiting.

Now you know my secret shame. It is worse than being a quitter. A quitter has a completed task. They are done with it, never to return, but I languish.  Capture

Ok so far this post hasn’t been encouraging, but I swear I’m getting there. 🙂 You see I found myself, yet again, in this hole of despair over a short story this very weekend. It is part of my process. I understand. I know I have to fight my way through it. I know. But here is the key to my ability to move forward…Encouragement.10806469_757386687675663_6557916642513224932_n

You have to go out and fill this void for yourself, although it is nice if you have a peanut gallery full of helpful souls. You have to be able to encourage yourself. You have find that thing, whatever it is, that makes your heart sing with renewed vigor!

For me I get the best encouragement from other writers. Ones who have been in the business for a while know the right things to say. They have trodden these steps before and know how emotional it can be to put yourself out there in today’s critical market and let your flag fly. So one of the things I do with this blog is interview others, and they in turn encourage me to be all I can be. They have seen the other side and know the way. You can learn so much from the wisdom of those who have gone on before you. Here is a link to all my interviews on the site. I hope they encourage you as well.

10172625_772431452837853_4838175971383331622_nAnother thing that really gets me motivated are the cool memes that people are making these days with author quotes. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Facebook page is full of great ones. I follow them on FB mostly for the memes rather than the info.

Do you have ways to encourage yourself? Even if you aren’t a writer I would love to know how you keep yourself motivated and working toward your goals. Who knows you might be my next inspiration! 🙂10430444_759522444128754_1167215594503789137_n

13 thoughts on “Writer Rx: Sometimes You NEED Encouragement

  1. I understand your issue with “languish” and I think the problem is very similar to mine. You can’t cope with the idea of finality. The End. I read a series by Melanie Rawn and was very timid to finish, yet at the same I want to know what happened next. Curiosity won. This was several decades ago and I finished the series and never looked to see if she added more. I let the series end. The same holds true with my writing – I fear the end of the story – I want more. When I think I can’t handle the idea of finality, I look to the universe which goes on forever. Out there, I realize, is the next. I embrace it and move forward.

  2. What a great confession! I have the opposite problem–I can’t wait to finish. Sometimes I’m in such a rush to finish, I don’t stop to enjoy the process. There is something to be said for slowing down and appreciating what you’ve done, read, written, accomplished, etc. So maybe it’s okay to occasionally “languish” a bit. 😀

    1. Thanks Tamie, Sometimes I need to let myself off the hook too. But mostly I get to the end and I want perfection so much I stall. Perfection is for the birds.

  3. For me the key is to stop and listen. I cannot go forward until God reminds me of who I am. I am someone who cannot escape writing for long. No matter the disappointments, I have to return to it. I suppose that’s what passion is–the thing you cannot escape. And, that’s writing for you, too, my friend. He’ll give you the remarkable endings. He will. I picture a mama bird pressing her baby toward the edge of the nest with her beak. Just little encouraging nudges… right before the baby takes flight. Let HIM fill you with His WORDS. Spread those wings, girl. With every WORD, your chest will puff out and His power will lift you.

    1. Thanks Ann! Just this morning on the way to work I figured out the ending to my story…When I was being still and quiet.

  4. Holy wow – a languisher at their finest! I would like to say I empathize but maybe I have no patience… when I’m writing a book, usually from the moment I start it, I know how it’s going to end – I may change it during the course of the book but I have a beeline to where I sort of want it to go. And books! There’s NO WAY I couldn’t finish the rest of a series – that would make me insane! Now go pick up that last book before I have a heart attack!

    1. Elyse, you sound like my husband. I do finish things and stories, but sometimes I stall out not because the story stalls, it is all me. Like a true mental road block the size of Everest. Bam!

  5. I suspect a lot of us feel this way, Lisa. You’ve done a nice job of describing a problem that I know well from my own experience. I become attached to some of my characters, and I don’t want to leave them behind.

    Maybe it’s cheating, but I decided a while back to keep them with me. How? I realized that individual books have to end, but the characters’ stories don’t. That’s how I’ve ended up writing series. I even go back and pick characters from my stand-alone books and introduce then into one or both of my series.

    It’s great fun, and it helps me overcome that reluctance to end a book. I know I’ll see those folks again and watch them continue to grow.

  6. As someone who’s God given gift is encouragement, I don’t find it difficult to encourage others. I do find it difficult to encourage myself. So one thing I do when I need encouragment?…I tell someone. I know it sounds childish and silly, but when I say to a friend, “I really need some encouragement, I’m struggling with…” They respond with exactly what I need. So text anytime friend! We’re in this together! 😉

    1. Thank you Nichole! I am always available for textfests. We are in this together and that is why I dearly appreciate all my writer friends. Y’all know just what to say to save the day.

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