New Book with a Lisa M. Collins Exclusive!



Holdfast is a beautiful UK anthology featuring the best articles from the online magazine. This edition includes issues 1-4, plus eight pieces of brand new fiction and two new articles. My story, The Tree of Life, is one of the new exclusives and has a lovely full page illustration by MV Essick.

11355425_10152861906597341_2056891813_nAt the portal to the central temple, Akira paused, allowing her mother to go before her. As Kaori entered, the security system scanned her with blue lasers. Sensing she was of no threat to Revered Mother, she was allowed entry. Akira followed on her mother’s heels. She hurried to pour tea for her mother and then noticed her grandmother’s steady stare.

‘Akira join us for tea.’ Her grandmother opened the buchidan, an ancient wood hutch that housed the Orb of Tsuyo-sa 強さ that fortified the clan. ‘Pour a cup for our ancestors.’

–Tree of Life by Lisa M. Collins


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