Update on #AmWriting and upcoming books!


So here is the progress on the next books I will be publishing this year. I plan to keep all you updated as book launches are just around the corner!









The Tree of Life is all done and in the process of getting formatted for Kindle this is a short story and will be selling for $0.99.  Here is partial cover reveal:

Kindle (2) small peek





Now The Gunship Bishamon is going to be my first Mecha novel and I am so excited about this project! Bishamon is an armor-clad god of warriors in the Buddhist tradition and a punisher evil. An appropriate name for a starship equipped with space marines who battle in 30ft tall robotic armor. Don’t you think? 🙂

The Scourge of Kestrel Nine includes a character who has been running around my mind for some time now. Scourge is going to be the first of The Melinda Goldmire chronicles. The Dread Pirate Mel and her band of Space Marauders will soon steal your hearts as well as your gold!






Colonization 101: Chevron Station is a science fiction romance novel I’ve been working on off and on for a while now. This book was birthed from NaNoWriMo and I love all the characters so much and I think you will too.

1419879_52762483Doctor of Psychology and matchmaker extraordinaire, Margaret Morris, leaves her stale academic career on the Moon and trades it for a posting on Earth’s only colony outside of the Sol system. As a professional in relational psychology Maggie is hired by Western Federated Military to help colonize the planet Chevron and keep peace on the space station.
Maggie’s quiet life living aboard the station is turned on its head when newly assigned Lieutenant Mac (Toro) Castoro literally crashes into her office. Toro is a no frills uber-Marine. He sees what he wants and takes no hostages.
Dr. Morris’ mandate is to pick the perfect Eve for every Adam. Keeping her clients at arm length has never been a problem, but Maggie finds that she must disavow her own desires to complete her mission.
Not everything is harmonious on Chevron station. As the colonists begin to put down roots someone on the station is working behind the scenes to disrupt Dr. Morris’ best laid plans. Petty officer, Michael Donovan will do whatever it takes to see that Chevron will be cut off from human intervention. Michael’s religious zeal will reach the tipping point, leading him to attempt the destruction of Chevron station. Margaret and Toro must find the traitor and uncover his plot before the new Garden of Eden is cut off to mankind once again.

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4 thoughts on “Update on #AmWriting and upcoming books!

  1. These all look great! I’m most interested in the Tree of Life. I had no idea you had this many projects going. Get it girl!!

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