#ExcusetoRead Summer 2015 Read-a-thon Day 3

CK7NjllUMAAzxMLdownloadJuly 30th (day three)–Fun Find, Author Love, and the Old Geezer: Amazingly the book that fits all three of these categories is my first book of the week–John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War.






The Excuse to Read read-a-thon began Tuesday, July 28th, and ends Tuesday, August 4th. (Last reading day is Monday, August 3rd; Tuesday, August 4th, will be the day to state your final stats on your blog, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook… whatever/wherever you choose!)A breakdown of the EtR happenings is as follows:

July 28th (day one)–Reading List: Show off your TBR pile! Share the books you’ve chosen to read over the course of the week. You can list why you chose them, talk about how beautiful their covers are, squee over how many of them were on sale, state if they’re ARCs, whatever you want!

July 28th (day one) through August 3rd (day seven): Update your progress. You can do daily updates, one every couple of days… whatever works! The categories below are what we’re going with (use as little or as many as you like!) and can either be shared every post, or at the very end in your windup post on August 4th.

August 4th (day eight)–Windup Post: Total stats! Party hats! Hooray! You read more books! *throws confetti* Today is a day for posting your overall reading summary. Here’s where you add up total books and/or pages read so we can celebrate! This is also when you share the deets on:

* Cover Love (all-time favorite cover)

* Fun Find (book you’re most glad you picked up)

* Author Love (author you’re definitely going to read more of)

* Favorite Quote (this can be for each book or all-time favorite quote)

* Old Geezer (book you’ve been meaning to read the longest)

* Series Stats (if you completed a series, make sure to share that!)

The Excuse to Read read-a-thon is all about enjoying your books and not feeling guilty about taking a week to read ’em. We want this to be pressure-less, and fun. The suggestions above are the general idea, but *do* make it your own (and tag us so we can see your progress)!

Also, feel free to spread the word and encourage other readers to join by forwarding this email, posting, tweeting about it (#ExcusetoRead), etc.

OH WAIT… we almost forgot… There’s MORE!

Share your favorite reading spot with the #ExcusetoRead hashtag (on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Tumblr) and *you* might win 3 YA/MG audiobooks (of your choice)! Yay!

Link up so we can follow your Excuse to Read posts!

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