Peek at The Scourge of Kestrel Nine #AmWriting and #Giveaway

First paragraph from THE SCOURGE OF KESTREL NINE:

The Antibes was a stalwart ship of early Martian design. Captain Melinda Goldmire found her five years back on a refueling stop at Kessler station orbiting Pluto. The Antibes was left for dead, run aground on the back side of Charon, Pluto’s largest moon. If not for the keen eye of Mel’s First Mate, Patch, the Antibes would have remained in Charon’s clutches for an eternity in the blackness of Hades. That fate was not to be. Captain Mel had gold for the boatman.


The Scourge of Kestrel Nine includes a character who has been running around my mind for some time now. Scourge is going to be the first of The Melinda Goldmire chronicles. The Dread Pirate Mel and her band of Space Marauders will soon steal your hearts as well as your gold!




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Karina is giving away the entire trilogy in ebook to one reader. You can enter several ways on Rafflecopter. Please leave us a comment below. GOOD LUCK!

Mind Over Trilogy 160



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