Pinterest for Writers: How To Storyboard Your Novel

kpinterest-logoHave mercy! I love Pinterest! Why you might ask?

As a writer I use it as a storyboarding tool. And ultimately I am a visual learner, so Pinterest is the right tool for me.

Peanut 1


Now if you want have an open mind I’ll show you how I use Pinterest to write short stories and novels.

Peanut 2


Ok, Gang, Let’s dive into the oft maligned social media platform called Pinterest. First, no matter what you have heard or seen of Pinterest, like all social media, it can get away from you BUT, like a mogwai as long as you don’t feed it after midnight it will NOT turn into a Gremlin!

Second, if you are new to Pinterest you want to develop a plan on how to get the best return on your investment of time (ROI). Thirdly, if your Pinterest boards have turned into a runaway freight train, we can derail it and get it back under control.

Peanut 3

I am going to make some assumptions. #1 you have already created a Pinterest account. #2 you have a story we can work with to create your first storyboard- pin board. If you haven’t’ got these…go on create your account and pull out an old story to play with…the rest of the class will wait right here…

Ready now? Great!

So on your Pinterest home page let’s create a storyboard. Click ‘Create a board’. A popup will show on the screen and you need to give it a clear name that will remind you of exactly what story you are working on. I like to fill out the description with interesting tid bits or a ‘back of book blurb’.

create a board

create a board form

Now you have an empty pin board (basically a bulletin board). Now we add information to the board about your story. Just like the suggestion on the new board you can use the rather robust search feature on Pinterest to find inspiration. My example below is using the words ‘Pirate’ and ‘Space’.

create a board result

result of search for first pins

After a bit of scrolling I found a picture to get started with on Melinda Goldmire. This space suit is almost what I’m looking for, so in the notes I put pertinent information about how I’m going to use the information or visual in my story. You can also edit the pins after you pin them.

edit pins

So  you found a picture online that looks like you main character. Did you find an article about a scientific discovery you want to use as a plot point? Here is where you place the ‘bookmarks’ so you can find it later.


I like to add a variety of pins as I am researching for a book. Then I will delete extraneous pins that weren’t used in my story. Like for Chevron Station I have several helmets I’ve found but only one or two might be used in the final story.

But say you want to pin something that you found out on the internet. As long as there is a graphic for the Pinterest system to find it works like this:

Click Add a Pin.

add pin

Then this pop up will give you a choice.

add pin 2

After you select your choice (I always use the web option). Then paste in the URL.

add pin 3

Then a list of the pictures available from the website will let you select the bookmark visual you like.

add pin 4

At this point you can add to the description by clicking the gray pencil and you pick the board you want to use.

add pin 5

Here is what the finished pin looks like on your board.

Now that you know the basics of how to make pin boards you can take these examples and go crazy! Make a new board for each story or idea you have teeming around in your mind…I can’t wait to see what you will create and I hope to read your books too!

Before I go I want you to see a few examples of other ways I use Pinterest to market my books and how other writers and I collaborate as well.

This board is where I tuck all the neat ideas I come across that get my creative juices flowing.

story idea board

This board is where I share with all my followers the books I have written.

books by me

This board is where a group of writers come together to share great characters we have found on the Internet.

fab gals

And lastly I have a pin board just for my blog.

blog board



Let me know if you have any questions by posting a comment I’ll do my best to answer.

lisa pin home

7 thoughts on “Pinterest for Writers: How To Storyboard Your Novel

  1. I totally do this! I have an author Pinterest board that I put all my reviews and newsworthy stuff, then I do boards for specific books where I do images from the books, what I think the characters look like and anything else relevant for the novel. 🙂

  2. My goodness, what a wonderful retooling of an online resource! Writing tips and tools are so important to authors, and your instructions on storyboarding novels using Pinterest is brilliant, Lisa.

  3. Just thought I’d add, you can do this inside Scrivener for your writing – include pictures, web addresses, details about the story. Putting it out on Pinterest, though, that allows others to get excited about the story. Good idea.

  4. Lisa, thank you so much, what a lot of work you put into this post and it’s SO excellent. I’ll try to follow instructions and set up my Pinterest account for my WIP. I’ve bookmarked this.

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