All Hands on Deck! It’s #NaNoWriMo Time, Baby!



Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Well November is your month. Join all of us crazy writers for National Novel Writing Month!

Don’t worry if you haven’t written in a while or this is your first attempt to put thoughts into a story. Every November writers come together, online and in small groups, around the world to make the attempt. You can be one of us! Just think by this time next month you could be getting ready to type those two all important words…THE END!

Click here to join us or log in at If you need a friend look me up. Also the wonderful folks from NaNoWriMo have set up a Facebook Event. Between the NaNo forums and Facebook you can find a lot of support. Remember we are all in this together.

Print out one of the checklists below. I have one for people who like to plan and outline, and another for those who write by the seat of there pants. I hope you will join us.

Check list stationary planner edition Check list stationary pantser edition


One thought on “All Hands on Deck! It’s #NaNoWriMo Time, Baby!

  1. I love these lists Lisa! I’m partial to the first one, but the item on both of them about having a sympathetic person you can contact for moral support is my favorite. Having done NaNoWrimo before I believe that person is ESSENTIAL to success. If you can’t have someone to push you and be accountable, it’s much easier to give up. I plan to participate this year in NaNoWrimo and am getting all of my ducks in a row. Good luck to you and may we all have one more project under our belts by the end of November!

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