My Dupe for Aveda Comforting Tea —Yogi Bedtime®

aveda comforting tea
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When I lived in Mississippi, I used to visit an Aveda store in Jackson.  Now it has been over a decade since then, so who knows if the store is still there.  Anyway, the purveyors always had a cup of their signature Aveda Comforting Tea available for shoppers to sip on as they made their selections.

I have to tell you it is delish! I have spent an unearthly amount of cash on this tea. As I’ve admitted it is special. This is a tea that requires no sweetener, whatsoever, due to the licorice root, peppermint, sweet fennel, and basil. It will flat out chill you out. That’s pretty smart there Aveda…I bet chill customers are quite spendy…I know I was.

yogi bedtime tea
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I have found a much less expensive, but equally wonderful dupe—Yogi Bedtime®.

This tea has all the wonderful flavor of licorice root that the Aveda tea has, but also spearmint leaf, chamomile flower, skullcap leaf, cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, St. John’s Wort leaf & flower, rosehip, raspberry leaf (which is so important), lavender flower, stevia leaf, passion flower extract, and valerian root extract. A cup of this tastes so similar to the Aveda, I know I’ll have this instead. It is calming and soothing. I am drinking a cup right now…yawwwwwwwwnnn…I think I’m going to hit the hay.

Drink up, friends, relax, and check out my tea review playlist on Youtube.


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