My Process…Superheroes and NaNoWriMo #amwriting

liar-liarSo… I have been working on a superhero story for about 20 days now.  I would love to say it is going well and I should be done soon. However, that would be a lie…a big fat superpowered lie! This story is going nowhere and I’m on a deadline!

What is a writer to do? Some would say, “Power through”, “writers’ write, so suck it up buttercup”, or some such nonsense they read on the Internet. Here is what I’m going to do…kill it. The story is nothing but a bunch of headaches wrapped in a strangle hold of contemp. I am going to start a new story and write like John Boyne I have 10 days to get this new story written and edited. OMG. Y’all need to send me good vibes and pray if that is your custom–Lisa needs you!

As for NaNoWriMo this year, I have BIG plans. I am finally going to write the 2nd book in my Chevron series and then for Camp NaNo in April I’m going to write the 3rd. So the plan is to have the first one ready to publish in early summer of 2017 and then follow with 2nd and 3rd over the course of the late summer and fall!  It is going to be a marathon of writing and dedication but, I have the power!



2 thoughts on “My Process…Superheroes and NaNoWriMo #amwriting

  1. Girl, I hear ya! Sometimes when a story isn’t going anywhere death is the only thing that can be done. And WOAH are you busy writing. That’s A LOT! Praying you power through and have great outcomes.

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