My New Year Starts Now


I tend to look at my writing goals by quarters. Also I look at the writing year kind of like a fiscal year in business. My year starts in October, for NaNoWriMo preparation. November is, of course, writing full out tilting at windmills ala Quixote style. December is for editing and evaluations of the newly produced story.

This is when I decide if the new novel needs more work. Was it really better suited for short stories, a novella, or is it a bust all the way around? Now, if the new novel sucks and it turned out more like a big long drafting session, that is ok. I haven’t lost anything, I don’t consider that NaNoWriMo wasted. I learned something about myself and my writing. Like the NaNo I tried to write a mystery. Dear heavens! I am not a mystery writer. But I would not know if I hadn’t given it a real, honest, 50,000 word try.

The second quarter of my writing year is devoted to preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Jan-March is where I plot my next novel for Camp, plan my blogging for the year, and prepare the last quarter’s stories for publication (traditional and self pubbed).  The third quarter, April-June, is much like what I described above for October…Camp Novel writing, Editing, and Evaluation.

The summer, and final quarter, July-Sept, is my lowest productivity time but I usually try to submit to an anthology or publish a short story, and most importantly, spend time with family and friends.

This pattern took me long time to develop, and my 15 month goals start tomorrow, October 1, through the end of 2017. I think this will be my most productive year yet. I have high hopes and determination. If it all goes to plan…[insert evil laugh]…then I will have 4 new short stories published and 2 novels published, with 2 more ready for editing by the end of 2017.


One thought on “My New Year Starts Now

  1. I admire your dedication and organization. strange, I often think about goals for the year, but don’t actually come up with s schedule to make sure they happen. Best wishes for your new year!

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