Meet Elizabeth Grissom, Starborne Academy Cadet

One of the things I'm doing differently, this year, as part of my resolution for 2018, is to take my writing to the next level. In the past I've been a dyed in the wool pantser. I have written two complete novels that way, but I have to admit, I have treated my writing as more [...]

Beta Readers Wanted For Starborne Academy

Elizabeth Grissom is ecstatic when she is awarded a coveted spot at Starborne Academy, the elite officer training school for the USC. Liz and her new friends are thrust into an interplanetary war when a rebel bomb strikes too close to home. It is all hands on deck in this race across the stars to [...]

My #PitchWars Novel Selection for 2018

My Resolution: Be A More Professional Writer, is underway. I began February with actions toward each of my 3 goals. I am currently reading The Great Gatsby. I did a full Pro/Con list for each of my 12 Works In Progress (WIPs) and have selected the project that I will prep for #PitchWars. I got [...]

Writing Goals For 2018

Like I said last month...I like the whole concept of starting off the New Year with a mixture of resolutions, goals, and projects. But unlike many folks I give myself time to test drive them before I commit. Now that the trial phase of January is over I add them to the Master List for [...]

2018 Changes and Plans

Do you make resolutions, goals, or set up projects for the New Year? Personally, I've found that all three have merit. As people we make resolutions all the time. Really? Yep, we sure do. Remember being a kid and saying, "I don't like Brussel Sprouts, I will not eat them, you cannot make me." Sounds [...]

Get Liberty for Christmas!

When the whole world seems dark you can still depend on The Liberty Girl to get to the heart of the matter. A beacon of justice during the dark days of World War II, Liberty continues her heroic battle against evil Today. Pick up your copy of Liberty Girl: Fight For Freedom Also available in [...]

NaNoWriMo and November Instagram Wrap-up

This NaNoWriMo I tried writing in the genre of Fantasy. I hadn't done that since 2008! It was fun to stretch my writing legs and do a new thing. Did you do NaNoWrimo this year? If so what did you write? If not join us for CampWriMo in April! Here is a round up of [...]

October: Writers on Instagram Photo Challenge Week 3 #igwritersoct

This is week three of the #igwritersoct photo challenge on Instagram. This challenge has been fun and we are in the last days as week four begins today. I am looking forward to the challenge for November and NaNoWriMo. I will be posting my NaNo Instagram Photo Challenge at the end of this week so [...]

October: Writers on Instagram Photo Challenge Week 2 #igwritersoct

This is week two of the #igwritersoct photo challenge on Instagram. So far I've enjoyed the challenge. I have missed 2 days (oopsie),but I did get to see my son and his family who traveled all the way from California and I also joined my local United Methodist Church. Those kinds of things are important [...]

October: Writers on Instagram Photo Challenge #igwritersoct

This is week one of the #igwritersoct photo challenge on Instagram. I love photo challenges! This is a new discovery for me too. I like having a plan for the month when it comes to social media. So I plan to do one for each month of the last quarter of 2017. Instagram Writers October [...]