Get Liberty for Christmas!

When the whole world seems dark you can still depend on The Liberty Girl to get to the heart of the matter. A beacon of justice during the dark days of World War II, Liberty continues her heroic battle against evil Today. Pick up your copy of Liberty Girl: Fight For Freedom Also available in [...]

NaNoWriMo and November Instagram Wrap-up

This NaNoWriMo I tried writing in the genre of Fantasy. I hadn't done that since 2008! It was fun to stretch my writing legs and do a new thing. Did you do NaNoWrimo this year? If so what did you write? If not join us for CampWriMo in April! Here is a round up of [...]

October: Writers on Instagram Photo Challenge Week 3 #igwritersoct

This is week three of the #igwritersoct photo challenge on Instagram. This challenge has been fun and we are in the last days as week four begins today. I am looking forward to the challenge for November and NaNoWriMo. I will be posting my NaNo Instagram Photo Challenge at the end of this week so [...]

October: Writers on Instagram Photo Challenge Week 2 #igwritersoct

This is week two of the #igwritersoct photo challenge on Instagram. So far I've enjoyed the challenge. I have missed 2 days (oopsie),but I did get to see my son and his family who traveled all the way from California and I also joined my local United Methodist Church. Those kinds of things are important [...]

31 Days of October Interview with Shae Hamrick and a Giveaway!

I am excited to announce a new anthology: 31 Days of October: A Haunting Collection of Hallowe'en Tales. This book is filled with 33 short stories by 23 writers each with suspense and that feeling of relaxing by a crackling fire telling ghost stories. Below is an interview with one of my co-writers and organizer, Shae [...]

My Process…Superheroes and NaNoWriMo #amwriting

So... I have been working on a superhero story for about 20 days now.  I would love to say it is going well and I should be done soon. However, that would be a lie...a big fat superpowered lie! This story is going nowhere and I'm on a deadline! What is a writer to do? Some [...]

City of Legends by Cheyanne Young: Interview and Giveaway

I would like to introduce an amazing YA series, City of Legends, by Cheyanne Young.  The series is published by Alloy Entertainment--The same people who brought to you, Pretty Little Liars. Best part? Cheyanne's entire series is dropping this week! That means all you voracious readers can get the whole series without any wait. After [...]

Family is, as Family does.

This is what family does. For my part in LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION, The Dangerous Client, is the work I am most proud of, and I don't make a single dime from it sale. Nancy Hansen says it better than I can. Buying a copy of this anthology helps one of my dear friends,Tommy Hancock, [...]

Interview with Jilly Paddock: Dead Men Rise Up Never

Jilly Paddock, a biologist by inclination, spent her career in medical research and microbiology labs. Born in South London, Jilly began writing at eleven and hasn’t looked back. She is an avid collector of books, tarot decks, glass candlesticks and perfume bottles, and craft paraphernalia. “I own more silver and gemstone earrings than any woman [...]

Interview with Karina Fabian & Mind Over Matter Trilogy #Giveaway!

By day, Karina is a mild-mannered reviewer of business software and services for After hours, she’s a psychic intent on saving the world; a snarky dragon who thinks he saves the world all-too regularly, a zombie exterminator who just wants her world clear of undead vermin, and nuns whose callings have taken them off [...]