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Liberty Girl: Fight For Freedom

When the whole world seems dark you can still depend on The Liberty Girl to get to the heart of the matter. A beacon of justice during the dark days of World War II, Liberty continues her heroic battle against evil Today.

liberty girl

Also available in ebook!

Pro Se Productions Proudly presents the second book based on Heroic Publishing’s LIBERTY GIRL. With tales by Richard C. White, Lou Mougin, and Lisa M. Collins and based on concepts created by Dennis Mallonee, LIBERTY GIRL: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM takes readers to the core of this stunning Heroine, revealing what makes Her tick, why She wars against Injustice, and how, no matter how powerful a force challenges her, She will never surrender freedom, hers or anyone else’s. Known for the Finest Superheroines in Comics, Heroic Publishing has teamed up with Pro Se Productions to bring its colossal cast of characters to prose! Two Independent Publishers Join Forces to bring a Superheroine to life in a brand new way. Heroic Publishing and Pro Se Productions Proudly Present LIBERTY GIRL: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

Dangerous Client

Private investigator Mack Stevens is embroiled in the job of a lifetime. Mack’s sugar daddy client is pushing him deeper and deeper into the abyss of crimes committed around the globe. Only now those crimes have landed on Mack’s Chicago doorstep.
Follow Mack Stevens through the underbelly of historical Chicago’s speakeasies and clubs. This tale has it all, so light a lucky, pour a scotch, flip down your fedora, and join Mack on the mean streets where brains and beauty, hustlers and hussies sometimes come all in one package.

Originally published in Legends of New Pulp Fiction an anthology collected by Airship 27.

The Tree of Life

Kindle (2)

The starfaring Ryukyuan clans have lived under a single guiding philosophy for nine millennia. Will one tragic mistake, one secret, destroy them?

5 stars!

“First off, this was a beautifully written story. Ms. Collins writes with an understanding of Japanese culture, poetry and brilliance. This is a story of revelation, choice and beauty. Amazingly descriptive and captivating, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and will enjoy it many more times. Personally, I believe that Ms. Collins could turn this into a full novel and it would be even more astounding.” — Sci-Fi Author Y.I. Washington

The House Bast Made: Reid Cannon, Archaeologist


Reid Cannon and his friends discover myths need not be fairy tales. Set in the Valley of the Kings, peril and the paranormal collide in THE HOUSE BAST MADE!

Adventure has a new name, and it is Reid Cannon!