2018 Changes and Plans

Do you make resolutions, goals, or set up projects for the New Year? Personally, I've found that all three have merit. As people we make resolutions all the time. Really? Yep, we sure do. Remember being a kid and saying, "I don't like Brussel Sprouts, I will not eat them, you cannot make me." Sounds [...]

My Dupe for Aveda Comforting Tea —Yogi Bedtime®

When I lived in Mississippi, I used to visit an Aveda store in Jackson.  Now it has been over a decade since then, so who knows if the store is still there.  Anyway, the purveyors always had a cup of their signature Aveda Comforting Tea available for shoppers to sip on as they made their selections. I have [...]

4 Steps to Salvage the Day

Some days suck. Things break. People let you down. Traffic. It is high time we as writers (most with day/night jobs to pay the bills) need to let ourselves off the hook for things we cannot control. Now that isn't the same thing as noticing the maintenance light on the dash of your car has [...]

6-Steps to Superhero!

Have you always wished you could be a superhero and save the day? Well let me tell you that unless you have a run in with radioactive particles, beams, spiders or some other type of cosmic anomaly the world will tell you to rethink that calling...But do you? I say you too can be a superhero, and [...]

Resolutions, Decisions, and Goals…Oh my!

So each year I plan and scheme and make lists, tinker with my calendar, pin sayings up at my desk and try to better myself. When I look back over the year I see progress, but just not the amount of progress that I was hoping for. That makes me feel unacomplished, and nothing could [...]

Talent is just the beginning…Work is the magic element

I recently said this to a friend: "The effort, extra classes, and training, none of that matters without some gifting, BUT without hard unceasing work there is nothing to read...no matter the inborn talent that may lie in the soul of a person." Now here comes my confession: I am terrible at commitment to a [...]

Healthy Writer: Aches and Pains? Let’s Fix them!

Why is it so important to be strong if you are a writer? What do writers do most of the time? They sit. What is one of the worst things that you can do for your health? Any guesses? That is right Ladies and Gentlemen…Sitting is killing you. But what is a writer to do? [...]

Healthy Writer: StrongLifts 5×5 and the New Year’s Challenge

I lift weights. Now I’m not talking about pink Barbie sized weights that weigh less than my purse. I lift heavy weights. Heavy is relative to you, so you have to experiment a bit. I started with an empty 7ft. standard weight bar. Then I added 5lb plates on each side…and continued that way until [...]

Healthy Writer: New Year’s Challenge

Most of the writers I know say that they need more time to write. That time is their enemy...an enemy that takes no prisoners. With that in mind I have been reading all the posts floating about the web that claim to share the "perfect" list, cure, or worksheet to get you on track for [...]

Healthy Writer: Thoracic Mobility

Hello Desk Jockeys or Cubicle Warriors, today we are going to be talking about gaining mobility in the mid-back region. As the video one below points out, pain in one area of the body does not necessarily mean that the origin of the pain is in the same place that it manifests. Simply said if your [...]